Cittaslow (literally meaning Slow City) is a movemement that started in Italy in 1999. The goals of the Cittaslow movement is to resist the fast pace life of most cities throughout the world while at the same time improving the quality of life in it's recognised towns. It aims to encourage a healthier lifestyle which includes making time for pleasure and leisure, looking after the environment, caring for the elderly and many more things which support a slower more fulfilling way of life.

Sedgefield is Africa's first slow town.

This is no minor pledge to undertake and there are 55 criteria grouped into 6 catagories which have to be filled. To name but a few, the city may have no more than 50 000 permanent residents, must support and encourage local produce and products, work towards a more sustainable environment and work with the local community to build these values.

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Sedgefield's Citta Slow Mascot